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Cell Phone Laws for 2008: What You Need To Know (and more!)

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: June 25, 2008

As you know by now, I’m a great proponent of the new California hands-free law which goes into effect on July 1, 2008. I blogged about it in May: Click Here. A corollary, of course, are my rants and raves about texting while driving: Click hereherehere and here.

So, I’ve decided to post (yet again) on this subject and provide several useful links to articles, videos and hands-free equipment vendors below.

What to Expect from California’s New Hands-Free Law: The Public Policy Institute of California writes the following press release:

Update: 2009 Law Bans Text Messaging while Driving – See Video

As of July 1, 2008, California drivers must use hands-free technology when talking on a mobile phone, and drivers under age 18 may not use a mobile phone at all while driving. This study examines how fatalities changed in states after a hands-free law was enacted, compared to states without a hands-free law. The findings indicate that mobile phone ownership is associated with higher traffic fatality rates in bad weather, on wet roads, and in rush-hour traffic. California’s new law should lead to some 300 fewer traffic fatalities a year. However, to gain the full benefit of the law, California should concentrate its enforcement efforts during adverse driving conditions, and public education about the law ─ and about the distraction and danger of using a mobile phone in the first place ─ should be an important component in implementing the law, which could help change behavior that enforcement alone might not achieve. Read the entire press release here.

Other Useful Links

Video Satire: Still Legal to Eat, Knit or Dress While Driving (L.A. Times: Dan Neill’s Hands Free Alternatives)

If there’s a fatal car accident, a violator of the hand-held ban could face a felony charge, some experts say: California Cell Phone Law May Be More Costly Than $20(L.A. Times Article)

Hands Free Phones in California Will Save Lives (Public Policy Institute of California: By Jed Kolko, research fellow, Public Policy Institute of California)

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Hands-Free Cell Phone Laws (L.A. Can’t Drive)

Guide to Handling Traffic Tickets by Mike Klijian, Esq.

Video: The Future orf Hands Free Devices (Youtube)

Video: Hands Free Cell Phone Spoof (Ameriquest)

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