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Senior Citizen Driving: Warning Signs and Helping an Unsafe Driver to Stop Driving

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: July 1, 2008

I found an interesting article on the website entitled Senior Citizen Driving: Warning Signs and Helping an Unsafe Driver to Stop Driving. The article details a great many issues of importance to senior drivers and those who love them:

  • Risk Factors of Aging That Can Affect Driving Ability
  • Warning Signs of Unsafe Driving
  • Steps to Take if You’re Concerned About the Safety of a Senior Driver
  • Talking to a Senior Driver Who Should Stop Driving
  • When a Senior Driver Refuses to Give up the Keys
  • Helping a Senior Adjust to Life Without Driving
  • References and Resources for Helping an Unsafe Senior to Stop Driving

In addition to an extensive discussion and analysis on the subject of seniors on the road, there is a link to an article by Rod Clark entitled Making the “Key” Decision: When Should an Older Adult Surrender Their Keys? (courtesy of which includes an actual checklist with questions that answer the question “Can I Still Drive Safely in Spite of My Age?”

Here are but just a few of the relevant links provided in this article:

Again, I encourage you to read the entire article by clicking here.

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