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“Spoke on phone felt comfortable and will meet next week.”

A Satisfied Client

“If you have been injured in a car accident and don’t know what to do I can tell you from personal experience, aside from contacting your insurance carrier and filing a police report, calling the Law Office of Lowell Steiger should be the next thing on your list. You never know what sort of issues you can run into after a car accident, especially here in Southern California where the insurance status of other drivers can often be questionable. You need someone who understands the insurance world to get you the maximum amount of coverage and quickly.

I have been involved in two accidents that were not my fault and I have gone to Lowell both times and have been completely satisfied with the education he has provided me along with the great customer service he and his assistant Eric provide. Your main concern if you are injured should be your health and recovery, not chasing down someone to cover your medical bills. Lowell knows exactly what to do to get you into a doctor and begin rehabilitation immediately with no out of pocket expenses from you. In my case, Lowell was able to arrange physical therapy and chiropractic rehabilitation with no up front cost to me. It is all taken care of in the final settlement. This is just one of the benefits of seeking legal representation for an auto accident claim where you have been injured. Not only is it a benefit to have a lawyer arrange the physical therapy, but in the event there is an issue with the other parties insurance when it comes to settling, having a lawyer puts you at an advantage of having someone who knows all of the tricks the insurance company can play during final negotiations to offer the least amount as possible.

The insurance companies are in the business of preserving their bottom line. They do not have concern for your recovery or out of pocket expenses, that is the simple reality and you need to know the rules of the game and have someone on your side to be an advocate for you. Lowell is that advocate. I have always had my questions, concerns and phone calls returned the same day or next business day. It is important to know that you can ask any question and you will receive a genuine and friendly response. I ask a lot of questions and I never felt like I was a burden to Lowell. Along with his great legal expertise, Lowell takes the time to check in with you and really follows up to make sure all is well. He is almost like a friend in that regard and to be able to say a lawyer is a friend is a true compliment to Lowell! Lawyers can get a bad reputation just because of stereotyping but Lowell is none of that. He is a great guy who does a fantastic job and cares about his clients. He will be an advocate for you and will make sure that regardless of the cost or timeframe that you are as healed as possible before settling. Lowell is a true gem and I would encourage you to look no further if you are seeking representation.”

Rick R.

“I only write reviews when something is VERY good or VERY bad. In Lowell’s case, I can’t say enough good things. From his likable personality to his ability to aggressively defend his clients, Lowell is the best lawyer, and one of the downright best people I have ever worked with. The case Lowell represented me on was the third time I’ve needed representation and the first time I ever felt like I was properly taken care of. If I ever need legal representation in the future, I know who to turn to first.”


“I was recommended to Lowell by a close friend of mine. I was involved in a very bizarre traffic accident case and Lowell guided me through every step of the way and took his time to explain what would happen, how it would happen, and why it would happen. This wasn’t a max limit payout as we eventually settled for far less than we both anticipated but both agreed it was best to move forward, but, always counseled me through the pro’s and con’s of our decisions.

I would highly recommend Lowell to represent you. He’s very personable and likeable professional. It’s hard to find someone who really cares about you, AND your case especially when its critical your protected. His staff goes beyond the call of duty to answer questions and are also very responsive in email and phone. 2 Thumbs up!”


“He answered my questions with patience and competence. I would not hesitate to refer him to my friends and family.”

A Satisfied Client

“Lowell and his staff are amazing. I was in an auto accident and seeked Lowell’s services based on a referral. He got me more than anticipated for auto damage and a bonus for medical expenses. I never expected anything , seeing it was a relatively tiny case (compared to what he’s used to doing). But, he treated me as any other client and fought for me! I would highly reccomend Lowell and his staff.”


“I highly recommend Attorney Lowell Steiger for your personal injury case. He’s very informative on California laws, has a down-to-earth personality with his clients as well as a strong, aggressive, yet open-minded side while handling his cases against the other side. And, unlike most attorneys out there, Lowell does not fit into the category of the dishonest attorney. Even after my case was closed, he still sent me a check of money he was able to attain from my medical bills rather than keeping it for himself. Thank you, Lowell, for all of your hard work and determination in my case! You rock!!!”


“Atty. Steiger was very professional in dealing with my case. He was very honest with what to expect, no false promises. The actions needed, such as photographs for evidences were very immediate, no time wasted. He also makes time to be very accommodating every time I have questions. The most wonderful aspect about him is that he keeps in touch with his former clients, showing the kind of person he is, which I think is important…he is not after what he can get from a case, but for what he can be of service to those in need. He is one of the best lawyers I know and I strongly believe, in his field.”

A Satisfied Client

“Had a labor case and his team was able to take care of it in a timely matter. Always there to answer my questions and returning calls.”


“When my daughter had an accident with a hit and run drunk driver, no one would take her case because the only insurance was the care she was in. Lowell Steiger not only took her case, he got her a nice settlement. I can honestly say that there are not enough words to describe how honest, hard working, and amazing he is!!”


“Lowell is an amazing attorney. He is highly intelligent and keeps up with the changes in law. He has helped me as well as my friends and family in many different situations. He is tangible. He is the first attorney that I’ve been able to talk to without going through an assistance. Keep up the good work Lowell. You are greatly appreciated.”


“My domestic partner was in a motorcycle collision that left him in a coma for 8 months and paralyzed from the mid chest down in June 2003. Lowell became our personal injury lawyer and adviser and helped negotiate a settlement in excess of 7 million dollars to protect and provide for my partner for the rest of his life. This process took many years to complete and was very complex and time consuming. This was a very complex case since my partner and I were a binational couple and he was only here on a tourist visa when the collision occurred.”


“when i first met Lowell i was 19, which made me feel nervous because he was the first lawyer id ever spoken to, but Lowell helped me feel comfortable and his staff also made sure that i was always kept up to date with what was going on all the way until my case was done. AND years later i sent him an email with a question and he took the time to call me back personally! If Lowell Steiger isn’t the lawyer your looking for, your looking for the wrong lawyer.”


“Mr. Steiger has been an excellent source of information and has been helping me in the past 4 years. If you hire Mr. Steiger, you would not only have a great lawyer by your side, but also a great friend!”

Stefano K.

“There are so many cliches that apply to describing attorneys (both good and bad). In writing my review here, I may fall victim to such cliches, but that is only because I simply cannot think of other ways to describe Lowell. He is truly a wonderful person and a brilliant attorney. When my younger sister was hit by a drunk driver who fled on foot, no one, and I mean NO ONE, wanted to take her case. Either it was because she wasn’t the driver or owner of the car that was hit, or her injuries weren’t life threatening, or there just wasn’t enough money because the guilty party didn’t have insurance. Take your pick. All the lawyers I visited with this young woman were so money hungry, they all passed (and we visited a bunch). From my first visit with her to see Lowell, I knew he could be trusted. And he can. He took her case and as silly as this may sound, I felt perfectly comfortable with him (now this is where the cliche comes into place). He’s just simply a nice man. And that’s hard to find in LA attorneys. Choosing a lawyer is no small thing, and as idealistic as this may sound, I believe you should like them and be able to wholly trust them. And you’ll be able to do that with Lowell.

I don’t very often write reviews (on Yelp or otherwise); only when it really matters to me (either because I feel obligated to warn a fellow consumer or because I feel they would truly benefit from a service). Lowell falls into the latter category.”

Marina B.

“I’ve known Lowell Steiger for several years; as a matter-of-fact, I was his first client. Lowell is a rare breed of attorney; he’s honest. IF he can’t help you, he won’t turn you away without trying everything legally possible. When I was rejected by other attorneys and told that I didn’t have a case, Lowell never gave up on me. He helped me on a personal level by encouraging me not to give up. He is the BEST of the best, hands down. And I’ve referred several friends in need of legal assistance; none of them were disappointed. Lowell, you are the best.”

Steve M.

“I never new Lowell. I was in a car accident and he was referred to me by my chiropractor. As a dancer and a gymnast I experienced a lot of anxiety around being injured. I was scared. So many questions, so many fears crossed my mind. I experienced an immense amount of emotional and physical trauma from my accident. From the moment we first met, Lowell created a comfortable space that allowed me to be vulnerable, that allowed me to be honest, that let me be me. After my accident I had panic attacks on the road. I would pull over in fear, I took more public transportation than I ever had. On top of all of this emotional draining, I still needed to handled the closing of the total of my car and purchasing of a new vehicle. Lowell and his assistant Eric were angels in the process and I couldn’t have done it with out them. They both could not have been more communicative in the process. Together we didn’t give up, we didn’t have to go to court, and in the end I was very happy. I would refer this amazing man who helped me in a very difficult time to anyone. I say this from the heart, not from any silly sales pitch or to help any review. I’ve only used him once. But that is all it took.”

Kyle S.

“I would never have pictured myself in the position of needing the help of a lawyer, but that day finally came. Fortunately a good friend of mine was able to recommend Lowell Steiger to me, and I was really happy with the resulting process and the resolution of my case. Lowell is a gentleman and very considerate. He works precisely and promptly, keeping you in the loop at all times. I always felt confident that he was handling my case in the best possible way.”

Elizabeth L.

“Lowell has been my attorney for many years, and I never intend to use anyone else. I had a small case where a teenager hit me on the 405N and destroyed my car, I did suffer an injury, even though the money was negligible for the time it would take to go to court Lowell stepped up and helped me out, he waived most of his fees, all he did was charge me for the filing. When you think of honest, easy going, and all for his client this describes Lowell! I have recommended him to friends and family of mine and will continue to do so. He is absolutely amazing in his propensity for caring!”

Toni D.

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