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Injuries that result from slip, trip and fall accidents are a concern to all, according to reports from the National Safety Council. In 2009, over 25,000 fatalities resulted from these types of accidents, which are mainly preventable. Falls are the second-leading cause of accidental deaths, and common slip & fall accidents are especially dangerous to older adults.

Slip and fall accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. They are sudden and require time before you fully understand what happened. Anything that causes a person to lose his or her grip on the ground and fall down can be very dangerous, and in some cases, it can be deadly. People often seek legal representation from a Sherman Oaks, CA Slip/Trip & Fall Accident Attorney if the resulting injuries have been severe, A list of places where slip and fall accidents can happen is given below:

  • Indoors and outdoors
  • On walkways and sidewalks
  • On concrete floors, carpet, tiles, or linoleum
  • In homes and businesses
  • In rainy or snowy weather when the surfaces are slippery
  • On elevators and escalators
  • On sidewalks and walkways
  • When other conditions make it difficult to walk like poor lighting that conceals a dangerous condition where one can slip and fall

There are many injuries, which can occur due to slip and fall accidents, and someone may get hurt because of it. There are wide ranges of injuries that can occur, for example:

  • Strained muscle or tendons
  • Sprained ligaments
  • Paralysis
  • Fractured bones
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Bulging discs and pressed nerves
  • Loss of life
  • There are many times when slip and fall cases never go to a court for trial because the property owners try to settle the case earlier. This is more likely to happen when they are backed by an experienced slip and fall accident attorney. A few steps should be taken right after the accident that helps the attorneys to put together a strong case for compensation.
  • Note the location of the accident where it happened whether it was someone’s residence or a business center.
  • Get someone to write details of the surroundings of the accident like poor lighting, bad weather, and object on the pathway that shouldn’t be there.
  • Take pictures of the site of the accident and the things that you think are responsible for the accident. It is important that you document the reason behind your accident before the owner of the property fixes it.
  • Inform the owner of the property where your accident occurred. Someone who gets hurt at a business can ask the owner of the property for an accident report and get a copy of this report. Share this report with your lawyer.
  • Get the contact information of any of the witnesses and ask them of their opinion about the accident.
  • Seek medical care and keep a detailed record of your visits to the doctor.
  • Capture pictures of your injuries.

Attorney Lowell Steiger

Negligence is a primary cause of slip/trip & fall accidents. Attorney Lowell Steiger has helped many clients gain compensation for their slip & fall accidents. When someone is injured and that injury could have been prevented merely by taking a few precautions, negligence is a factor that is brought into the case. These accidents can often be prevented if property owners just take time to check for slip and trip hazards, such as loose carpets, damaged or cluttered stairwells or lack of safety equipment at construction worksites. When you are injured or a loved one dies because someone else was negligent in maintaining safe property, it is time to call Attorney Lowell Steiger. He has been practicing as a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Sherman Oaks California.

Sherman Oaks, CA Slip/Trip & Fall Accident Attorney 

Enjoying an active lifestyle is the reason many people settle in the Southern California area. Being injured at work or while playing can put a damper on your usual activities and even cause you permanent bodily damage. If you have been injured in a slip, trip or fall accident, get help from experienced Southern California Slip & Fall Lawyer Lowell Steiger. Lowell will treat you with the respect that you deserve, and he is always available to keep you well informed about your case.

Effective and Aggressive Legal Representation

Slip and fall accidents can result in painful injuries to the head, neck and spine areas that may require expensive medical treatment for months or longer. When you have been injured due to negligence, personal injury laws allow you to seek fair compensation for your injury expenses and other claims.

To get effective and aggressive legal representation in Southern California, call the Law Office of Lowell Steiger, in Sherman Oaks, CA. Discuss your options with an attorney who cares about your rights and who will give the effort needed for optimum results. Call Attorney Lowell Steiger today, at (818) 306-5799 for your free initial consultation. Our Slip and Fall accident attorney Sherman Oaks will be ready to serve you.

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