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At the Law office of Lowell Steiger, our dog bite accident attorney in Sherman Oaks CA help the clients in filing a settlement claims against the injuries sustained in the accident. Our aim is to serve the potential victims and help them in covering the financial expense, which has incurred during that period. Our dog bite attorney in Sherman Oaks, CA will explain you in detail about the theories known as strict liability and liability for negligence, through which a victim can recover damages. In addition to this, California, also added a special ruling, according to which owners are held liable even if their dog does not have any prior violence history.

The Sherman Oaks, California dog bite accident attorney at our firm is well experienced in protecting the rights of dog bite victims. We understand that immediate action needs to be taken to protect the rights of the victim. The benefits of immediate action are that it gets easier to investigate liability for the bite and it helps in getting insurance coverage. If a dog has bitten you, it is advisable to contact our dog bite accident attorney in Sherman Oaks, CA to get to know about all the legal options you have. Other than dog bite lawsuits, Lowell Steiger is also an expert in the areas of wrongful death, medical malpractice and other cases come under the umbrella of personal injury.

California law is known for favoring dog bite victims. If you or someone you love is a victim of a dog bite, you must immediately contact our Los Angeles, California dog bites attorney so you can protect your rights. Dog bite victims are affected in various ways such as fear, lacerations, anxiety, scars, and a lot more. All these things leave a persona emotionally drained and effects physical health, so to know your rights given by California’s law you can contact our dog bite accident attorney in Sherman Oaks, CA.

We understand that there might be many challenges in your case but we put all of our experience to work for our clients. As bitten by a dog is itself a traumatic experience coupled with the injuries, which can leave a person with permanent disfigurement or temporary injury. Resultantly, a person has to suffer from monetary inflow because of absence at work. In addition to this, the pain and trauma are also persisted there, which is beyond remedy.

Law office of Lowell Steiger, Dog Bite Accident Attorney Sherman Oaks CA who uses his expertise to make sure your case is handled carefully and professionally. We ensure our clients to get the due financial settlement against their injuries sustained. Our firm’s Dog Bite Attorney Sherman Oaks CA will protect your best interests and will make sure you are not treated unjustly. We aim to help you get all medical records, examine the history of the dog, investigate the ownership of the dog, and work our best to get you the compensation for the damages concerned.

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