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Lawyer Endorsements

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Steiger at an intense Elder Law Conference. He is experienced in the law and brought a lot of insight and applicability to client situations and problems we were charged with find solutions to. I endorse this lawyer.

Denise Sandifar, Divorce and Separation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. He is knowledgeable and effective.

Paul Sommer, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.

Aryeh Leichter, Wrongful Termination Attorney

“Lowell is one of the smartest and most talented and personable lawyers I know. His clients love him, and with good reason – he truly cares. I would not hesitate to ask Lowell to represent me if I ever needed a personal injury lawyer. I endorse this lawyer.

Jennifer Gardner, Lawsuits and Disputes Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Mr. Steiger for the past four years and he has proven to be a valuable asset when I have needed a knowledgeable fellow attorney to refer clients to in the area of personal injury law.”

Joseph Collier, Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Hovanes Margarian, Consumer Protection Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Dmitriy Shakhnevich, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Lowell is an excellent attorney. We have worked on several cases together, and his analysis is always very insightful.”

Joseph Chun, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. A brilliant and highly respected attorney in the legal community.”

John O’Brien, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. He is a leader and motivator in the legal community and I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend. Keep up the great work Lowell.”

Matthew Krupnick, Car Accident Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Jacob Sapochnick, Immigration Attorney

“Lowell is a knowledgeable, skilled, and caring attorney, and I endorse this lawyer.”

Marc Lazarus, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Jeffrey Lapin, Car Accident Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Bryce Fetter, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Jeffrey Grabelle, Workers Compensation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Christopher Russell, Car Accident Attorney

“Lowell is an experienced and dedicated attorney who really focuses on the needs of his clients. I have trusted his counsel for years when problems arise in my personal injury cases. Lowell is a genuine, honest advocate who I am proud to associate with.”

Ryan Alexander, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Lowell is a very committed hard working lawyer who devotes his time not only to the practice of law but improving it for the entire legal community. I’ve met a lot of very nice lawyers through Lowell’s networking groups and he’s a valued member of the legal community. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He’s very persistent and diligent.”

Hillary Johns, Litigation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Howard Roitman, Car Accident Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Steven Sweat, Car Accident Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Christa Haggai, Personal Injury Attorney

“Lowell is a trusted colleague and a very skilled attorney. He is prompt, aggressive and compassionate in handling his cases. He is a go to lawyer when our firm is looking to make a referral or partner with another attorney on a matter.”

Jeremy Tissot, Libel and Slander Attorney

“Mr. Steiger is a charismatic attorney and extremely pleasant person on a professional and personal level. Lowell is also very prompt in his communication – something that is admirable and cannot be taken for granted in our profession. Although I might have not known Lowell long enough, I have a feeling that I can rely on him to follow through – a quality that I find very important in others, and which I try to cultivate in myself.”

Arkady Itkin, Employment and Labor Attorney

“Lowell Steiger is a compassionate attorney who will insure that your case is handled properly and effectively. He is responsive to his clients and effective in the courtroom. He is a very skilled attorney.”

Carina Castaneda, Family Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Steiger provides detailed, conscientious and responsible answers on the Avvo website. I submit this translates into his law practice on behalf of clients he passionately and zealously represents.”

Jeffrey Adams, Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney

“Lowell Steiger is an excellent attorney who pays close attention to detail and fights zealously for his clients. I endorse this lawyer.”

Christopher Canlas, Workers’ Compensation Attorney

“Lowell Steiger is a conscientious and effective personal injury attorney. I have known and worked with Lowell for nearly ten years, and I can state that I would refer Lowell without hesitation my friend or family member who needed personal injury representation.”

Michael Ross, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Mr. Lassen does great work in educating the community. I endorse this lawyer.”

Michael Fienman, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer because he has the attention to detail that makes a great attorney truly great. If i were to need an attorney for my family or myself, Lowell Steiger would get my business. I have known Lowell for years and you won’t go wrong. Simply Fantastic!!!”

Scott Miller, Employment and Labor Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Christian Lassen, Personal Injury Attorney

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