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Link of the Day: Report Dangerous

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: December 4, 2008

Will wonders never cease? What an incredible website has now graced the Internet! is the ultimate in real life George Orwell (ianism). This site has special meaning to me since part of my practice revolves around representing fault-free people who’ve been injured at the hands of reckless drivers. I get enraged when I see the senseless physical and emotional pain that my clients go through because someone wasn’t paying attention or, worse, was driving erratically or angrily (can you say “road rage?”). This moment of dangerous driving changes innocent lives forever. From the home page of comes their description and reason for existence:… Read More

Top 10 Most Fatal Occupations – Link of the Day

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: August 31, 2008

The List Universe, a site to which I subscribe, e-mails its subscribers daily with top 10 (or 15) lists in a zillion categories. Since my law practice is mainly built on representing people who have suffered major injuries, or their families in the event of death, I found the The Top 10 Most Fatal Occupations to be of great interest. Clicking on each one of the occupations below and, where provided the additional links next to them, will take you to a link with more information (these links do not emanate from The List Universe but from other research). 10. Truck Drivers; OSHA (U.S. Dept.… Read More

Link of the Day – The Irreverent L.A. Car Couture Blog

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: August 5, 2008

Folks, you will be greatly entertained and definitely enlightened by the irreverent musings of blogmaster “Your Pap” of L.A. Car Couture, the premiere Los Angeles Car Blog. Your Pap describes his unique look at the Los Angeles car scene thusly: In Los Angeles, a city of rampant narcissism, cars are the greatest fashion to get noticed. I am your automotive papparazzi – I see; I report; I put an L.A.-spin on the car scene. It’s all about what you’re driving, how you look in it and what you’re getting out of. It’s your flashiest accessory – more than your Manolo, LV… Read More

Link of the Day – The List Universe: Top 10 Amazing True Life Giants

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: May 20, 2008

From well before Biblical times, man has told amazing tales of giants. The likelihood of seeing a true giant was so slim that they have always been a part of folklore. But, thanks to modern record keeping and photography, we can now all see first hand, true living giants. This is a list of the top 10, ordered from shortest to tallest. Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they brought forth children, these are the mighty men of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4 10. Bernard… Read More

Amber Alert Website for Missing Children – Link of the Day

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: August 1, 2007

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has links to several helpful databases and websites including National and State Amber Statutes, a link to Report a Citing of a Missing Child or you can call 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678) toll-free 24-hours, resources for Attorneys, Parents and Guardians, Law Enforcement and Childcare Providers.

Link of the Day – – Comprehensive Product Recall Website

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: July 17, 2007

new government website,, which provides links and recall information from six (6) government agencies: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, United States Coast Guard, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agricultureand the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Click on this main link to or any of the other links above to get information on products, including recalls, in the areas of consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics and environmental products. The Law Office of Lowell Steiger represents injury victims. Free consultation.

Link of the Day – Historical Weather Data

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: January 31, 2007

he Farmer’s Almanac allows you to search for historical weather data, be it yesterday or 20 years ago.  Fantastic!

Link of the Day – U.S. Dept. of Transportation 2005 Highway Statistics

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: January 10, 2007

The U.S. Department of Transportation has an incredible website which includes highway statistics for 2005. When you click on the above link, you’ll have access to the following statistics on subjects such as: Motor Fuel Motor Vehicles Driver Licensing Finance Roadway Extent, Characteristics and Performance Metric Tables National Household Travel Survey

Link of the Day – Insurance Profits Soar 2006

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: January 1, 2007

Insurance companies posted a $429 BILLION profit for the third quarter of 2006. Click Here to get the full story. Please note that we are talking BILLIONs, not Millions here.

Link of the Day – History of U.S. Supreme Court

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: December 16, 2006

This site is made possible by New York Life Insurance Company, the sole corporate sponsor of THE SUPREME COURT, the first major television series to explore the history and impact of the nation’s highest court. The series, produced by Thirteen/WNET New York, will air on PBS on Wednesday, January 31 2007 and Wednesday, February 6, 2007 at 9-11 PM.

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