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Link of the Day – The Irreverent L.A. Car Couture Blog

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: August 5, 2008

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Folks, you will be greatly entertained and definitely enlightened by the irreverent musings of blogmaster “Your Pap” of L.A. Car Couture, the premiere Los Angeles Car Blog.

Your Pap describes his unique look at the Los Angeles car scene thusly:

In Los Angeles, a city of rampant narcissism, cars are the greatest fashion to get noticed. I am your automotive papparazzi – I see; I report; I put an L.A.-spin on the car scene. It’s all about what you’re driving, how you look in it and what you’re getting out of. It’s your flashiest accessory – more than your Manolo, LV and Rolex combined! In this image-obsessed city, cars are THE greatest obsession. And it should be. For god’s sake, that’s a $100k+ accessory parked out on the damn street!


L.A. Car Couture bravely goes where no L.A. Car Blog has gone before. Cars are almost like a religion in L.A. and Your Pap wittily highlights the highs and lows of the L.A. Car scene with photos, videos and a perspective that may border on sacrilege. No Bentley (or famed Bentley Driver) is safe from his observations. For example, he writes:

You’re not gonna not buy the Continental GT because of the unresolved pedigree. After all, it’s a beautiful automobile, with lines of an instant-classic. From rap star to CEO, to famous-for-being-famous, everyone wants or has one of these. So while exclusivity can’t be guaranteed (especially in L.A.) pleasurable, effortless, 12-cylinder motoring is a sure thing. And you’ll look damn good in it, believe your Pap. And if anyone snickers and hisses, tell them…Sharon Stone can’t be wrong. Paris Hilton can’t be wrong. Posh Spice can’t be wrong. After all, doesn’t this whole town follow along with what a dozen or so celebrities are doing anyway?

No car, or star, is safe from Your Pap’s musings. You’ll read about Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Aston Martins, Porsches, Mercedes, Priuses and Camaros and the Paris Hiltons, Beckhams, Hasselhoffs, Sharon Stones, Liz Hurleys and Schwartzeneggers that drive them. And what you read will not be as sugar coated as much of the eye candy that you read about!!! Your Pap even goes so far as to compare L.A.’s beloved Prius to an Ardvark!

I urge you to click on L.A. Car Couture for your daily dose of the guilty pleasure that is the L.A. Car Scene.

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