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Link of the Day – eBay Drop Off Boutique

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: December 9, 2006

Business is “dropping off”—and strangely enough, that’s a good thing. Located in the image-conscious Westside, auctionSTOP is the eBay boutique which redefines resale.

What clients drop off ranges from the contents of red-carpet celebrity goodie-bags to the spoils of high-profile Hollywood divorces, according to auctionSTOP’sentrepreneurial creator Ben Kong. “We live in a highly disposable culture,” comments Kong, “and some of our clients just don’t want to be seen carrying last season’s designer bag. Others don’t want to be ‘caught’ selling it themselves. So our business is all about giving a second or third life to quality goods of enduring value…in a discrete setting.”

Immediate payout following the sale lays to rest the client’s most common concern: parting with valuables with no profits in sight. Until auctionSTOP, the only other option readily available to individuals ready to liquidate unwanted gifts and other goods was the handful of traditional auction houses. These venues, however, expose the merchandise to only a tiny fraction of eBay’s staggering audience, usually at an equally staggering commission of as high as 50%. An eBay expert who has worked with the unique resale category since 1999, Kong comments that guaranteeing clients the fastest payout in consignment resale – in as quick as 14-days — distinguishes auctionSTOP in an industry which he admits has an occasional credibility-gap. “We all know someone who’s been burned by the the eBay drop-off store who disappeared overnight with Grandma’s antique china,” he says. “Our business is based on a level of professionalism which you expect on Rodeo Drive, but frankly not from an eBay drop-off store.” auctionSTOP‘s commission is a highly competitive 29%, considered well-below the industry average.

Because auctionSTOP is an independent seller, clients are spared the bureaucratic delays which seem an inevitable part of transactions with large corporate eBay drop-off chains, where payout may require two months or longer. A sleek, streamlined approach is reflected in every aspect of the merchant-client experience, including the boutique’s stunning decor. A plump down sofa and walls painted a soothing sage-green encourage clients to relax and think clearly during their appointments. Scattered throughout the boutique are interesting eBay finds that inspire & educate. All merchandise currently on consignment is tastefully tucked away behind custom cabinetry, creating a feeling of spaciousness and order, versus what Kong describes as “the usual pawn-shop, bail bonds esthetic.” Even the rear entrance, preferred by some celebrity clients, is made welcoming with potted olive trees and a gracious awning.

To further ensure discretion, privacy shades can literally be drawn over all windows during the high-profile client’s visit. Alternatively, Kong can send a Mercedes van to shuttle items back to the West Los Angeles boutique. In terms of items which command the highest return, Kong comments that authentic high-end designer handbags and Apple computer products are currently hot, but notes, “We treat every client and their valuables as priceless, because those relationships are the heart of our success.”


12009 West Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064

telephone : 310-473-2127

call-ahead or appointments are encouraged

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