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Are You Willing To Risk Lives Just So You Can Send a Text Message?

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: August 22, 2010

What is your reaction when you see someone texting while driving or gabbing away on with the cell phone to their ear while behind the heel? Generally speaking, I don’t notice someone engaged in these (or similar) activities unless I’m behind them waiting for them to finally realize that the light has turned green and it’s their turn to go.  And, of course, it’s always a fun challenge to avoid the car that just swerved into my lane because they’re answering that all-important text message or e-mail.  Oh, yeah, and the other day when a woman pulled out of her parking space and made a u-turn right in front of me.  Naturally, I understood her situation and didn’t mind laying down skid marks to avoid t-boning her car because, after all, she was engaged in what appeared to be a life-changing conversation with someone on the other end of the cell phone that was glued to her ear.

The Responsibility Project: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance has initiated the Responsibility Project which basically rails against texting-while-driving.  They ask “Are You Willing To Risk Lives Just So You Can Send a Text Message?: Their video, No Phone Zone Day is, well to say the least, an excellent portrayal of the dangers and horrors of texting-while-driving while not being in your face.

Even Oprah Winfrey has made a Public Service Announcement about not texting-while-driving.

Teen Arraigned in Texting-While-Driving Hit-and-Run

Newsflash: Guilford (CT) teen arraigned in texting while driving hit-and-run.  I’m curious to know what you think about this situation. The comments at the end of the article are pretty telling as to most people’s sentiment.  Apparently, this young driver struck a    edestrian and her dog.  He admitted to police that he was so engrossed in his texting that he thought he merely hit a bush and continued on his merry way.

Tell-Tale Signs of Texting-While-Driving

This got me to thinking: What are the tell-tale signs of texting while driving?  According to an article in by Emily Ulber entitled Police Are Alert to Tell-Tale Signs of Texting While Driving, Tom Scheben, a spokesman for the Boone County (OH) Sheriff’s Office, there are a few tell-tale signs:

  • Unnecessarily slowing down with sudden braking (perhaps when they look up from their phone, they suddenly realize the car in front of them has just stopped)
  • Being stopped at stop sign with head down and no hands on the steering wheel

One Solution

One solution to the texting-while-driving problem is Textecution which “kills texting functions while driving…”  The  makers of Textecution describe their product: “Textecution™ is a user-friendly application that completely disables texting while driving. Textecution™ is designed for parents to install on their teenage driver’s phone so they know their child is safer behind the wheel of the vehicle. Add immediate peace of mind, security, and safety today with Textecution™.  (Rest assured I have no financial stake in this product – I just found it on line today)

Links to Dangers of Texting-While-Driving

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