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Traffic Ticket Myths

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: August 23, 2007

I found an interesting article on written by Craig Guillot which discusses the 8 common ticket myths. I’ve listed the myths below but for an in-depth discussion of the myths you can either read the complete article on Yahoo. I hope you find this information helpful.

8 common ticket myths

1. If the officer makes a single mistake on your ticket, the case is dropped.
2. If the officer doesn’t show up in court, you automatically win.
3. Red cars get more tickets.
4. You need a lawyer to beat a ticket.
5. If you get a ticket in another state, your home state won’t find out about it.
6. You can make up an excuse to get out of the ticket.
7. A radar detector will ensure that you never get pulled over.
8. If you don’t sign the ticket, it will be dismissed.

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