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Thanksgiving Safety: 5 Ways to Spend Thanksgiving in the Hospital

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: November 18, 2007

Rod Brouhard writes an article for which describes 5 ways to spend Thanksgiving in the Hospital.

In particular:

1. Choking on an Appetizer

Anybody can get something stuck in their throat. It’s decidedly more common for the kids and grandparents than everyone else — although it gets more common as the wine starts flowing.

2. Cutting Yourself Instead of the Turkey

Cutting yourself in the kitchen is both a blessing and a curse — bacteria from food abounds, but you have everything you need to clean your wound at the ready.

3. Lighting the Kitchen on Fire

Grease fires are notoriously dangerous. It’s easy to extinguish the typical grease fire by smothering it, but make sure everyone is heading out of the house first.

4. Getting Burned by the Oven

Burns are some of the most common injuries around the house. Make sure you know what to do if your bird decides to seek some revenge.

5. Getting Sick from the Food

Imagine the looks you’ll get from your mother-in-law after giving the entire family food poisoning. Learn how to recognize food poisoning symptoms, and follow these food safety tips from Busy Cooks Guide, Linda Larsen.

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