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Sign the Petition to Mandate Easy Exit Safety Features on Buses

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: April 12, 2014

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To Mandate Easy Exit Safety Features on Buses!

How Many More Innocent People Must Needlessly Die?

The tragic and unnecessary injuries and multiple deaths of innocent students and adults when a Federal Express Truck collided head on with a school bus in Orland, California on April 10, 2014 could possibly have been minimized or even eliminated had better safety features been federally mandated.

Quoting from an article published in The Republic, Rules To Make Crashed Buses Easier to Escape Still Not Adopted 15 Years After Recommendation, “Because the bus was overturned and partially submerged, passengers had to evacuate by standing on the seats, pushing up on the emergency windows, and climbing out onto the top of the bus. Each of the emergency windows on the bus was hinged at the top, allowing the window to swing open when the emergency release bar was activated. Tests performed by the manufacturer after the accident indicated that an upward force of 85 pounds was needed to fully open an emergency exit window with the coach lying on its side.”

Due to the height of some of the passengers or the window weight, some people were unable to push the windows open after unlatching them.

Can you even imagine the fear and desperation that these people felt ? The New York Times headline said it best: “In An Instant, a Bus to College Was A Fiery Trap.”

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, easy-to-open windows and exits are necessary “to ensure evacuation in adequate time under different emergency situations for various occupant groups, including children and the elderly.”

As a personal injury attorney representing injured people and the families of loved ones killed due to the negligence of others, I’ve seen first hand the physical, emotional and financial devastation that preventable injuries and death have caused.

Secretary Foxx has the power to make positive change and save the lives of those who trust that they will be safely delivered from Point A to Point B.

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