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Motorcycle Safety Videos: One Graphic, One Tame

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: January 17, 2014

Scotts Valley, California: 71-year old Alan Yelensky died earlier this week while riding his 2014 Zero All-Electric Motorcycle south on Granite Creek Road near Blair Ranch Road south of Scotts Valley.  Yelensky collided with a northbound Ford F-250 truck.  Yelensky was ejected from his motorcycle and landed about 15 feet down an embankment.

This story caught my eye and my heart because here a man lived 71 years to have his life snuffed out in a nanosecond.  I represent people who have been injured on motorcycles and the families of those who have died in motorcycle crashes.  Nothing can be more devastating than to have your life, or your family’s lives, changed for the worse in a split second.  A wrongful death lawsuit is something that no one ever wants to be a party to.  I know, I’ve handled way too many wrongful death lawsuits.

Motorcycle Safety Videos

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motorcycle safety foundation

Street Rider Course by Motorcycle Safety Foundation


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