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Metrolink Crash, A Tragedy: 25 Dead, How You Can Help; Graphic Photos and Videos

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: September 13, 2008

The tragic Metrolink Train Crash of September 12, 2008 will have lasting effects on the surviving victims and the family and friends of survivors and those not lucky enough to survive. Injuries will range from broken bones to paralysis to burns to brain injuries to permanent physical and emotional and, for some, death.

For the injured, it is too soon to determine the extent of their injuries. Some may be lucky enough to heal quickly while others may not be spared a lifetime of pain, rehabilitation and disfigurement.

Those affected by this tragedy, victims and family, should contact an attorney as soon as possible. In spite of the admission of fault by Metrolink, this promises to be a very complicated matter that will go on for years.

Information and Resources:

  • A phone number has been established for the unification center at Chatsworth High School, where relatives can try to contact passengers who were aboard the derailed Metrolink train. Call 818-678-3422.
  • The City of Los Angeles has set up a phone line for anyone looking for relatives as well. The number: 213-847-2117.
  • People looking for information about relatives who may have been on the train can also call this Metrolink information line: 800-371-5465.
  • Northridge Hospital has set up a phone line for relatives calling to inquire on patients: 818-885-8500 x2714 or x5388.

You have undoubtedly heard, watched or read the news about this terrible tragedy. I’m not going to repeat the details in this blog posting. What I am going to do, though, is provide links to news articles, videos and photos.

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