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Elisabeth Fritzl: How She Looks Today, Drawing, Photos and What Crimes Josef Fritzl Committed

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: May 5, 2008

Elisabeth fritzl face published an interesting article, along with photos, of Elisabeth Fritzl then and now and other related photos. In their article, it is reported that police say that Elisabeth looks more like her 67 year old mother’s sister than daughter. Her teeth are horrifically decayed, “After an emotional reunion last weekend, both sides of the family apart from Kerstin are all now living in a special, isolated room in a psychiatric unit near their home.

“Doctors are said to have placed a cargo container outside so that Fritzl’s captives can retreat there if they feel too traumatised by daylight and the open space.

“Further details of Elisabeth’s time in the cellar have also now emerged. She has apparently told police she was so scared of her father that she submitted herself to him entirely.

“’I don’t know why it was so, but my father simply chose me for himself,’” she told officers, according to the Independent.

“It is thought Fritzl first began abusing her when she was 11, in the cellar, his car and on country walks.” Read the entire This Is London article here.

What Crimes Did Josef Fritzl Allegedly Commit?

If I were prosecuting this matter, with what crimes would I charge Fritzl for the heinous acts allegedly committed? Among other things, kidnapping, rape, false imprisonment, assault & battery, incest, gross sexual imposition, sexual offenses in general.

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