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Dr. Barry Carlin on Living Pain Free After an Auto Accident

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: September 16, 2007

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When you are in an auto accident, there are a number of unique aspects of the injury that make it impact more on your life than the average sports, work or lifting injury; and frequently cause the injuries to become a chronic problem that effects your quality of life for years, sometimes forever.

Why is it that so many of you live with discomfort and sometimes limitations in sports, social and work activities after a car accident? Should not modern medicine be able to fix these aches and pains?

Due to the tremendous forces applied to your body, generated by two vehicles colliding, you do not have an injury. You have thousands of small injuries that not only cause pain, but cause instability in the soft tissue stabilizing structures in your body.

That is why you hurt so much, your symptoms flare so easily while performing normal activities, it takes so long to get better, and you often then have chronic or recurring problems for years or forever.

You are told you have to live with the pain. Worse yet, some of you have been told you probably will develop arthritis, and have worse problems in the future.

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