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What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Typically Handle?

Our firm handles auto, trucking, and pedestrian accident cases, as well as those involving slip and fall or trip and fall injury-related accidents, dog bite/animal attack and other premises liability type cases. Additionally, we take on government claims and product liability cases.

What Are The Top Misconceptions People Have About Working With A Personal Injury Attorney?

Many people think that they can handle a personal injury case on their own. When they do so and are dealing with an insurance company, they generally will get the lowest level of insurance adjuster with the least amount of settlement authority. They will typically say, “We are really sorry this happened and here is $500. Go away.” When you have a personal injury attorney, your claim goes to a higher level of the adjuster who has more knowledge about injuries and liability. People think that they get more money out of a case in the end if they do not have a lawyer because a lawyer takes a percentage, but that is simply not true.

Statistically, settlements are much higher if you have an attorney working on your side so your net settlement after attorney fees and costs is much more than if you handled it on your own. In the end, there is a lot more money to work with and it is much fairer when a lawyer gets involved. The insurance companies then know that they are dealing with people who understand the process and understand injuries. Our job is to maximize our client’s case for them, whereas the insurance company’s job is to minimize their case and give as little money as possible.

What Should I Do If I Am Contacted by the Other Party’s Insurance?

As soon as you are contacted by the other party’s insurance company, make it known that you have an attorney. It violates the California Insurance Code for them to speak to an injured person who is represented without their lawyer being present. Even if you are not represented yet, it is best not to give the other person’s insurance company a statement. They will use what you say against you down the line. Often, in the beginning, you do not really know the full extent of your injuries. The insurance company will say, “Well, she was fine when we spoke to her the day after the accident” when it turns out that for a myriad of reasons the injured person may not yet be experiencing symptoms which will ultimately manifest themselves in short order.

How Important Is The Evidence In A Personal Injury Case?

The evidence is very important because as the plaintiff, we are the people making the claim, and we have the burden of proof. If we do not have evidence as to our client’s injuries, meaning medical evidence showing what the injuries are, then we cannot prove damages. If we do not have evidence as to the loss of earnings, such as W2s, tax returns, or lost contracts that hurts the case. Photos of property damage in and of itself will tell a story. Witness statements, police reports, photos, medical records, and bills, are just a few of the pieces of evidence that we work with to prove your case. The evidence is so important because we need to prove everything. All the other side has to do is poke holes in our story but with evidence, we can plug their holes with the truth.

Do You Advise Clients To Keep A Log Or Journal Of Events Following An Accident?

It is advisable for injure clients to keep a journal. Then, when memories fade down the line, you will be able to remember how you were feeling at certain points. In addition, it is important to take photos of injuries as they progress because many times it will not look as bad on the first day as it might look on day three or four. It is good to keep a photographic journal of what is happening as well as a written one. If it is affecting my client’s daily, life, such as not being able to walk or lift their children, getting video shots of the daily activities is sometimes important as well.

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