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Gas Saving Tips: Video, Links, More

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: April 20, 2008

It’s no secret that gas prices are climbing up, up and away! So I’ve done a little research and have found some links and a video with gas saving tips — the most common sense tip, of course, is slow down! Yahoo! published a report from Kiplinger which lists 5 gas saving tips:

  • Find the Lowest Gas Prices by searching or by zip code or city and state to get the lowest prices in your area.
  • Target the Best Time of Day to Buy Gas: The best time of day to fill up your tank is before dawn or late at night, when the sun and traffic volume are both down. Stations usually will raise prices during the day, especially for rush hour.
  • Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage: High speeds, quick starts, and squealing stops burn more gas and money. In his own test, Toews found that he could save 15% by driving 62 mph on the open highway rather than 75 mph. Using cruise control can save you even more. Smoother rides, with less pedal pushing, can save up to 37% in fuel economy, according to And don’t let your car idle because idling uses up a ton of gas!
  • Keep Your Car in Healthy Shape: Toews says that proper maintenance of air filters, spark plugs, and fluid levels is best for your car and wallet. And maintain proper tire pressure.
  • Get A Gas Rewards Card: Carrying the right credit card can earn you rebates on gas purchases. One of the most popular rewards cards found using our credit card tool is the Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard. Swiping this card at your gas station earns you 5% cash back, as well as 1% on all other purchases.

Click here to read the entire Kiplinger article on Yahoo!

Here are some links to help you save gas:

Fuel Saving Zone (.com) – Tips, tips and more tips (61 to be exact)

U.S. Department of Energy provides useful information to find and compare cars, gasoline mileage tips, hybrids, diesels and other alternatives and vehicle purchases with tax incentives.

10 Fuel Saving Tips from Gas Buddy in addition to what we’ve already mentioned, use a/c sparingly, keep windows closed, use cruise control and avoid heavy loads.

The Federal Trade Commission has a fun, interactive website which details how to save gas by paying attention to different parts of your car such as the driver’s seat, steering wheel, gas tank, tires, under the hood and the trunk.

Finally, here’s a video from describing 7 (of 61) ways to save gas.

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